Thermoplastic Tread Repair
Complete refurbish with Crazing repair
Complete refurbish with Crazing repair
FRP Tread Repair
Crazing Repair
Full Complete with Tread Repair
Full Complete Thermoplastic
Thermo Complete with 4  tread
Frost Damage repair
Full Complete Thermoplastic with 2 treads repaired
Crazing Repair
FRP Tread Repair
Full Complete after Owner Repair
At Pool Step Specialists we offer a unique swimming pool step repair and refinishing service. As your in-ground pool ages, you may find that your stairs begin to deteriorate with age and may even begin to crack and leak.

We can help!

The technicians at Pool Step Specialists are able to structurally and nearly invisibly repair your steps, for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our technicians travel to your pool, repair your Pool Steps in place, and have you back swimming in 48 hours.

For homeowners we cannot reach, or for those who prefer to learn new skills and perform the work themselves, we offer a repair kit for nearly any problem your steps may have. We have developed our DIY Pool Step Kits based on the same techniques and materials our technicians have been using for over 20 years.

Do it yourself!

Each DIY Pool Step Kit is customized for your specific type of stair. Once the repair you need is determined, we'll ship you everything you need, including a Step by Step manual and access to our online video, to make repairing your swimming pool stairs an easy task.

Send us an email with pictures of your damaged pool steps and we'll recommend the best DIY Pool Step Repair Kit for your stairs!

Received your kit, and the repair turned out great!
Thanks for your help and great service!

Wilson, New Brunswick

Your kits and expertise have helped us take care of the customers
we previously would have had to send elsewhere. Thanks again!

Bruce, Quebec

I contacted a couple of your previous clients who were very impressed with your work!
One said a little discolouration but better than it was!

Steve, Ontario

Thanks for your assistance.
The repair turned out so the customer couldn't even see it once we were finished.

John, New Jersey

The finished job looks great!

Dave, Georgia

It was a pleasure dealing with you.

George, Winnipeg

Thank you for your expertise and assistance.

Kevin, British Columbia