Throughout our 26 years of experience in repairing pool steps, coating them and repairing coatings, we have tested all sorts of products as they have been introduced. We have found nearly all offerings wanting. We have often been called in to repair coatings that we have previously tested and that failed!

Over the last year we have been testing REBOUND. We have applied it well, and applied it poorly. We have abused it chemically, mechanically and even challenged our kids to kill it. ok.. they killed it...just don't snowmobile on your pool steps with and they will be fine.  We are very confident in this product and the applications we choose for it.

REBOUND offers a soft flexible texture, vibrant colours, and extreme slip resistance. REBOUND has been used on splash pads, and as a playground safety surface for many years but the formulation of polymers we utilize has been specifically developed for pool and pool step use. Rebound has been subjected to extensive 3rd party testing as well as our own brutal rigours to ensure that it can withstand both California summers and Ontario winters.

REBOUND is the only material in the pool step repair marketplace that can go directly over top of existing coatings. This allows for the rejuvenation of stairs that have suffered from poor quality coatings and workmanship. The colours do not fade in either sun or chemical exposure and the polymer coating is ideal for bonding to uncertain surfaces.

The work will take a day to complete and then require 48 hours to cure afterward with a return trip to clean up the area. Due to the extreme adherence of the polymers, the liner must be removed and the pool drained for us to perform the repairs.

REBOUND will be offered on a limited basis this season due to supply concerns and technician training. We want to over deliver not over promise! We will be offering the 2 colours shown below which we think represents the largest portion of colour requests we receive.