For over 23 years the technicians at Pool Step Specialists have been repairing broken, cracked and leaking pool steps. We have specialized our focus to just pool step repair.

We have become experts in the repair of nearly all types of pool stairs manufactured since the 1970’s and we continue to advance the methods and materials we use to repair recently manufactured pool steps, as well. If you have a cracked or leaking pool step, the most common repair solution you will find is replacement. The replacement of in-ground pool stairs routinely costs $5-$7K.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement pool stairs, the technicians at Pool Step Specialists structurally and nearly invisibly repair your pool steps using our proprietary StepGel coating that typically lasts 10-14 seasons. Our technicians travel to your pool, repair your pool steps in place, and have you back swimming in 48 hours.

Types of Repair

We are constantly in discussion and researching with the leading fiberglass/acrylic pool stair manufacturers allowing us to develop better repair and refinishing techniques. The Pool Step Specialists have been performing the warranty work for a number of acrylic and fiberglass pool step manufacturers since our inception.

Send us an email with pictures of your damaged pool steps and we can determine if we have a technician in your area. We will also provide you with a quote and of the best methods and materials to resolve your situation.